Fairly-sourced animal by-product fashion is made with animal materials like feathers, porcupine quills, and shark teeth that are collected from the natural environment or free range, humanely-treated animals. Fairly-sourced can also mean imitation, recycled alternatives to animal-based materials. The tragedy is that many materials used in modern fashion come at the cost of cruelty to animals. 

At Hearts, we take pride in our decision to fairly source animal by-products and provide you with options in the fashion industry so you have the choice to purchase with respect for our earth and wildlife. 

Victims of Cruelty in our Consumer Society

In a profit-centered system, there are many victims, most of whom are unable to protect themselves from the cruelty heaped upon them. Animals experience atrocious abuses at the hands of humans, including but not limited to: 

• Unnatural confinement and no access to fresh air or the great outdoors
• Pharmaceutically-laced food to keep them subdued or stimulate rapid growth
• Inhumane procedures conducted without pain medications 
• Violent deaths

We live in an industrial society where animals are often viewed as commodities and not as living, breathing creatures.

Cruelty for the Sake of Fashion?

Fashion tends to value animals only for the materials they provide. Think about all the ways animal products are used in fashion:

• Leather for shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothing 
• Feathers for clothing and accessories
• Porcupine quills for home fashion and jewelry
• Shark teeth for jewelry and embellishment
• Fur for apparel trim, coats, and handbags

If your wardrobe contains any of these items, you may have inadvertently contributed to the suffering of innocent animals. That’s unfortunately the nature of our current profit-motivated economic system. When we are blind consumers, we can unknowingly be funding practices that would make our stomach turn.

Happier Animals and a Lighter Spirit

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that fairly-sourced animal by-product fashion is possible! In an ethical fashion worldview, fairly-sourced comes in two types.

Vegan materials and processes: We source alternatives to leather for those of you who prefer handbags produced without any animal by-product. For example, we use Ultrasuede (see below). The problem is that while vegan options may be better for animal welfare, they aren't necessarily always better for the environment. For this reason, we do not use any synthetic “faux” leathers (such as PVC) or furs because of their long lifespan and long-term negative impact on the environment. 

Cruelty free materials and processes: Our respect for the earth is also held high on our priority list. Sourcing animal-based materials that are destined for waste avoids unnecessary consumption, prevents waste from entering the landfill and limits the emissions of methane gas For example, we source “upcycled” leather remnants which are scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. We source our leather remnants from upholstery manufacturers, boot makers, second hand stores and deadstock dealers.. We are also exploring options to source humanely produced hides from farms certified by organizations like Animal Welfare Approved. In addition we source naturally shed-feathers and porcupine quills which are collected from high welfare animals and environmentally-beneficial farms. 

With great pleasure, Hearts provides fairly-sourced animal fashion that is inspired by the wild, untamed natural state of our animal kingdom. Embrace our vision and feel good knowing that your purchase does not harbor the negative energy created from cruelty. 

Want to know more? Dive deeper into the issues of fairly-sourced animal by-product fashion.

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