Biodegradable fashion is made from materials that easily break down in the environment, helping to reduce the energy used in manufacturing, minimizing landfill wastes, and protecting oceans from plastic pollution. Bet you never thought about whether you could compost your fashion!

Why Biodegradability Is a Big Deal

Have you ever thought about what happens to your “stuff” once you throw it in the trash? Well, if it’s made of materials like plastic, synthetic fabrics, and other non-biodegradable matter, you may be dooming the natural resources used to create those items (like oil or natural gas) to die a slow death in a landfill. Non-biodegradable products take decades or centuries to decompose. What a waste!

Non-biodegradable materials are also a significant source of litter. Plastic is the worst offender. Millions of pieces of plastic from land and sea sources end up in the ocean every year, creating a phenomenon called the Pacific Ocean Plastic Island.  This floating plastic litter in the sea kills millions of seabirds, turtles, dolphins, and fish each year.

Non-biodegradable matter requires more energy to manufacture than biodegradable materials like wood, paper, and tagua nuts. And when thrown away, it overflows our landfills, pollutes our soil and poisons our water instead of being reused.

The Long Picture

Consider the decomposition life-cycle of common fashion materials: [i] [ii]

  • Synthetic rubber – 50 to 80 years
  • Metals like tin or aluminum – 80 to 500 years
  • Plastic found in synthetic fabrics like polyester – up to 1,000 years

Putting Nature Back into Fashion

The Hearts eco fashion line helps combat this travesty.  Most importantly, natural fashion and jewelry made from substances like seeds or bio-resin clay easily break down in the environment when discarded. They can be composted and turned into nourishment for gardens and landscapes, while saving landfill space.

Eco fashion products don’t cause the same environmental that plastics and other durable materials create when tossed on land or at sea. Biodegradable jewelry and fashion reduces the consumption of non-renewable crude oil. Plastics are made from petroleum oil, and require a lot of energy (again, oil) to create. Natural jewelry handmade from wood and seeds using people-power instead of machine power doesn’t need any petroleum oil at all!

Quality, handmade eco fashion created using biodegradable materials is just one way Hearts is creating an eco shopping revolution!

To learn more about natural and biodegradable fashion, grab your magnifying glass and peer deeper into the issue.

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