Handmade fashion is created when artisans craft pieces by hand with attention to fine details. Each piece of handmade fashion is one of a kind. If you’ve never purchased handmade fashion, you’re missing out on the enjoyment of owning custom fashion and the benefits of handmade production for people and the planet.

Planned Obsolescence

Built-in obsolescence is the standard for fast fashion these days. What does that mean? Planned obsolescence in fast fashion means your clothing, jewelry, and accessories are intentionally designed to fail in a short period of time. This type of fashion is machine made in massive quantities using the cheapest materials, techniques and labor.

Fashion is manufactured quickly and little time is taken to check quality. And because fast fashion has such poor quality, it must be replaced frequently. Over the long term, this is more expensive for consumers, more harmful for people and more costly for the planet.

The Environmental Consequences

The fast fashion industry may satisfy our desire for trendiness at the lowest possible price, but this economic model feeds a system that is unsustainable – environmentally and financially. Fast fashion leads to numerous environmental and social problems:
  • Rapid deforestation as land is cleared for cotton crops and pastures for animals (a source of leather)
  • Soil, water, and air pollution from increased need for chemical intensive crops like cotton
  • Increased dependence on imported oil to produce synthetics like polyester and plastics
  • Higher pollution of land and water as large volumes of textiles are dyed and finished
  • Massive energy consumption to power the textile machines that make cheap fashion
  • Huge quantities of textile waste as consumers toss garments that fall apart in months
  • Below-living wages that keep people trapped in poverty
While it seems cheap, the cost is quite high.

More Sustainable and More Socially Responsible

Handmade fashion is different altogether. The handmade fashion movement is gentler on the planet and considerate of the people working within it.

Handmade fashion is:
  • Created by human hands without machines (except perhaps a sewing machine)
  • Produced using quality garment-making principles and methods
  • Designed in a classic or timeless style to ensure it remains en vogue for decades
  • Fashioned using traditional weaving and color dye practices handed down through generations
  • Priced so that artisans receive fair wages for their time and talents
Every handmade Hearts’ piece is one-of-a-kind, displaying the personality of each artisan through beautiful details and imperfections. Look closely and you’ll see the signature of the artisan. It’s evident in the length of the stitches, the flourish of the embroidery, or the brush strokes of the painting technique. Each individual handmade fashion item is a work of art.

When you buy a handmade Hearts piece, your purchase benefits that individual artisan directly. Our handmade fashion is fair trade priced so that the human hands that created your product enjoy quality of life.

Quality, slow fashion is the way of the (sustainable) future. When you choose handmade fashion, we know you’ll agree!

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