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The Vintage Ornament Necklace
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Vintage Sparkling Black Bead Necklace
Item: V-101-799
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Price: $36.00 
The Vintage Ornament Necklace
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The Vintage Sparkling Black Bead Necklace creates drama with vintage brass chains stringing pops of sparkling vintage resin beads.

- Handmade in the USA
- Vintage chain, vintage resin beads
- 25”L

Limited Edition- 21
Product Impact
  • Handmade in the USA
    Handmade in the USA
    Fashion handmade in America helps support the local economy and creates American employment in a sustainable fashion industry that stresses quality hand production and classic, enduring style.Learn More
  • Ethically Sourced & Produced
    Ethically Sourced & Produced
    Ethically sourced materials are harvested from the planet sustainably by people who labor under fair working conditions. Ethically produced fashion is created by people who are treated with dignity and equity using eco-friendly processes and techniques.Learn More
  • Low Impact
    Low Impact
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  • Upcycled
    Upcycling means transforming vintage or secondhand fashion, textile throw-aways, and reclaimed materials into stunning new eco fashion creations.Learn More
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  • Environmental Sustainability
    Environmental Sustainability
    Environmentally sustainable products are created with a focus on minimizing negative impact on the earth’s ecosystems. Better yet, they enhance natural systems, making them better than they were before! Learn More
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    Quality Of Life In A Community
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