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Deco Vintage Sunglasses
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Deco Vintage Sunglasses
Item: B-320-771A
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Deco Vintage Sunglasses
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With a glimmer and glam, embrace a touch of the art deco style with these vintage shades. These Deco Vintage Sunglasses are subdued in a deep hue; each pair offers a classic style found only within rescued stockpiles of vintage glasses to be offered once again.

- Deadstock vintage sunglasses
- 2.25”L, 5.5”W
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Spanning across decades of unique fashion trends, these exclusive Hearts sunglasses bring new alternatives to the “clothes minded.” Emerging from the idea of finding new potential in unused, deadstock items, we became inspired by the timeless beauty of discontinued sunglasses, just waiting to be loved again. These vintage glasses bring out the iconic personality of decades from the 1960’s all the way to the 1990’s.

Take a trip to yesteryear in style while helping keep products out of landfills and cater to your everyday style with these limited edition sunglasses. Timelessly showcasing a versatile appeal everyone can adore,these vintage shades offer a replay of fashionable ideas that classically coexist with sustainable ideas.