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Speak Carry All Sari Tote
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Speak Carry All Sari Tote
Item: B-206-652A
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Speak Carry All Sari Tote
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Exclusive Gift Bags for the
Jenny McCarthy 2013 Generation Rescue Event for Autism Awareness

Speak up and speak out, this handmade Speak Carry All Sari Tote tells a hopeful story of local women empowered by their removal from the sex trade industry in India.

- Handmade in India
- Magnetic snap
- Jute, upcycled sari clothing, non-toxic screen print
- 13.75”H, 13.5”W, 5”D
- 10.5” strap drop

Embrace Imperfection- Each bag is made from different sari clothing surprising your senses with each purchase.
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In Sonagacchi, the largest, most infamous sex district in Kolkata, India over 10,000 women are forced into sex trafficking as a means to support their families. Due to poverty and the cries of their hungry children, women and girls as young as 13 are forced to sell their bodies to survive. Through opportunity, empowerment, and the support of their community more than 160 women have been plucked from the hellish streets and placed on a road to freedom.

The crafting of each Hearts bag supports a rebuilding process with fair wages, better work environments, business and literacy classes, childcare, as well as budgeting and debt managing services for these hopeful women. This is all thanks to an organization, committed to rescuing women from the Indian sex trade industry and giving them fair living wages in a healthy environment through handicraft production.