/ Carved With Love Wood Bangle
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Carved With Love Wood Bangle
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Carved With Love Wood Bangle
Item: H-103-643
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Carved With Love Wood Bangle
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Carved with love, this handcrafted Carved With Love Wood Bangle displays an organic flair hewn from sustainably harvested wood. With an on trend charm and timeless beauty each bangle helps local community members in India through ethical employment and fair wages.

- Handmade in India
- Sustainably harvested wood
- 2.5”D
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Artisans spanning northern India who produce these items are master craftspeople by profession and have an impeccable eye for detail. These communities are dedicated to Fair Trade practices, safe working environments for all artisans, and community development initiatives.They source local materials, including cotton textiles featuring traditional Kantha needlework, upcycled fabric, and responsibly-harvested Indian rosewood. 

Hearts designs help preserve traditional craft work and provide a sustainable source of income for these communities.By supporting Hearts one-of-a-kind accessories, you not only help perpetuate the tradition of crafting, you also provide fair wages,support Indian artisans’ livelihoods, and help boost their local economies.