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Full Moon Pendant Necklace
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Full Moon Agate Pendant Necklace
Item: B-101-627
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Price: $10.80 
Full Moon Pendant Necklace
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The Full Moon Agate Pendant Necklace offers a circular pendent accented with a raw agate stone for a handmade necklace revealing a deep, enchanting beauty.

- Handmade in India
- Raw agate stone, silver plated brass
- 16.5”L
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Dedicated to fair wagesenvironmental responsibility, and safe workplaces, this group of artisans represents positive alterations to India’s employment infrastructure. In an overcrowded country where employees risk injury and on average, women receive less education than men; the sale of these items helps financially support women and their families, while providing fair wages. In utilizing readily available and upcycled materials, the making of Hearts items is at an extremely low cost to the environment. 

These handmade pieces not only contribute to the financial advancements of India artisans, they also represent ethical and cultural fashion.