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Natural Sisal Layered Leaf Necklace
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Natural Sisal Layered Leaf Necklace
Item: B-101-538
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Natural Sisal Layered Leaf Necklace
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Meticulously handwoven sisal offers up an abundance of natural beauty. Colored with eco-dye, this multidimensional Natural Sisal Layered Leaf Necklace is the perfect balance between playful and powerful.

- Handmade in Africa
- Naturally dyed sisal, brass
- Lobster clasp
- 28” L
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In a country with the world's highest rates of HIV and Aids, and where women are often treated as commodities, the ability to earn income for handmade crafts offers these women and their families a fighting chance against the trends. 

These colorful and exclusive designs are woven from Sisal, a natural and sustainable plant that grows wild in Swaziland. Sisal is made into a stiff and durable fiber, and then carefully woven into discs. This type of weaving is translated from a craft to a career, and through Hearts is an available source of income for the women who create the jewelry as weavers and silversmiths. The joyful colors in these renewable pieces reflect the opportunity that is granted to these women through artisan employment.