Designed with purpose

Hearts products are a synergy between artisan strengths and the natural materials their environments provide, along with the love and collaboration of our design team. Each design is unique and exclusive to Hearts.

Collaborative Conceptualization

We work directly with artisans around the globe.
2000 artisans and growing
  • 17 countries
  • 16 states
  • 05 continents
  • 01 family
We ask...
  • What are our skills and talents
  • What sustainable materials and resources are available to you?
  • What problems does your community face?
  • \
We listen by...
  • Aligning our designs with their natural gifts.
  • Incorporating these materials into our products.
  • Selecting artisans who address these problems and provide sustainable commerce to positively impact their lives and community.

Our Products

Every product aligns with multimple touch points from our 22 Product Values
Hearts products positively impac world ussies and support people.
  • 27% Enviromental Sustainability
  • 27% Quality of life in a community
  • 14% Freedom & social justice
  • 16% human rights
  • 2% education
  • 2% conflict resolution
  • 12% Cultural Awareness
Hearts products use low-impact processes to support the environment.
  • 27% upcycled
  • 7% Recycled
  • 6%Cruelty Free
  • 6% Sustainably Harvested Wood
  • 16% Indigenous
  • 1% Biodegradable
  • 30% Renewable
  • 7% Raw
Hearts products incorporate responsible materials to take less from the planet.
  • 16% Handmade in the USA
  • 20% Handmade
  • 17% Fair trade certified
  • 6% Ethically sourced & produced
  • 16% traditional & cultural art
  • 1% low impact
YOU have a passion for fashion and the worl you live in. YOU want to know where your products come from, who they impact and how ther affect our planet.
WE work with artisans all over the world to create exclusive designs that are made with respect for the Earth AND cause a diffeence in people's lives.
TOGETHER we're prepared to change the world and sustainable fashion as we know it.