Hearts Team Pledge

At Hearts, we believe that when you know better, you do better. Throughout our journey, it has become clear that we are no different than every person we seek to educate.

Awareness is an ongoing process and part of our mission in transforming the current supply system. Even as you read this, our team is working ceaselessly behind the scenes to fine tune our products. We are seeking:

  • ways to get sustainable cotton into the hands of our artisans who have no access
  • replacements for conventional materials like glass seed beads
  • sounder, more ecologically friendly sources in the metal industry
  • and increased visibility to all procedures and standards

We commit to maintaining a clear line of sight into every direct and indirect touch point with each of our designs. There is always room for improvement. Being a conscious fashion company means taking the path less travelled and continuing to ask the question "How can we do better?"

Hearts continues to strive to create eco fashion that surpasses the benchmarks set by our predecessors. The door remains open for new partnerships so that we may always access the latest sustainable materials and sources available.

You play a big role in the future of our movement and many other organizations like us. People have the power to demand the higher standards that the supply chain so desperately needs. Conscious minds can create change and further the movement in ethical fashion.

Join our community by making the Hearts Community Promise.