Your Wardrobe Can Contribute to a Cleaner Planet!


The fashion industry by definition is notoriously fickle because trends and designer and consumer tastes are ever-changing. From a design perspective, apparel’s transient nature offers ample opportunities for expression, however, the environmental impact is another story. The darker side of fast fashion production includes textile pollution and waste problems to which designers and clothing manufacturers are increasingly aware and responsive.

Transformable fashion is one of those alternatives created by designers – garments worn in multiple ways to allow for expanded expression while reducing the clothing industry’s environmental footprint. That’s the kind of eco fashion innovation we love at Hearts!

Quick Guide: How Transformable Dresses are a Great Eco Fashion Innovation

  • 1 garment, multiple styles: Transformable dresses stretch the average American $1,700 annual clothing budget and reduce the number of garments disposed into the landfill.[i]
  • 97% of fashion produced in countries without environmental regulations:[ii] The US produces only 3% of the global textile supply fabrics increasing the chances that clothing is produced in developing nations with poor environmental quality standards.[iii] The textile industry produces 70 million tons of waste water in the UK alone.[iv] Fewer garments means as smaller pollution contribution from you!
  • 4.3% of US landfills filled with textile waste:[v] Transformable fashion could reduce the landfill burden by limiting the typical wardrobe size.

Take Action! How to Buy Stylish Convertible Wrap Dresses

  1. Horny Toad Metamorphose: This little black convertible dress offers several skirt lengths and sleeve styles appropriate for day or evening wear. Composed of a blend of eco-friendly Tencel and linen, the garment packaging is also eco – partially recycled and fully recyclable plastic.
  2. Loomstate Iro Maxi Reversible: The Iro Maxi can be reversed, transformed, and worn as a skirt and is made with eco-friendly Tencel.
  3. Two Birds Bridesmaid Dress: A bridesmaid dress that can flatter all shapes and sizes offers 10 styles and 20 colors, created with various eco fabrics.
  4. Melinda by Simone’s Rose: Created with soy and organic cotton French terry for super comfort, these dresses convert into three different styles, including a skirt, a halter dress, and more.
  5. Handmade by Dalina: Designed with eco-friendly modal fabric, these convertible wrap dresses have endless combinations to keep you interested in your wardrobe regardless of the season.

Dig Deeper: Transformable Fashion

  • See just how to improve your green living I.Q. (which is the better option, organic cotton or Tencel) with the NRDC’s Clean by Design web page.
Images via Two Birds and Dalina

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