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Upcycled Gift Wrap home blog

DIY: Upcycled Gift Wrap

With the holidays here, we’ve explored the many alternatives to sustainable and upcycled gift-wrapping in attempts …

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Bolivia Beanie

Material Matters: Alpaca

As the last of the autumn leaves fall and the layers of clothing start to build, many gravitate towards warm winter wools to …

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hearts_Upcycled Thank You

DIY:Thank You Card

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and may we all speak our thanks in a sustainable manner. With a touch of texture, pop of …

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hearts_material matters Seeds

Material Matters: Seeds Used in Fashion

Rooted with organic beginnings, Hearts fashion draws inspiration from the evolving blossoms of green products. Embracing the …

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hearts_purchase power

Labels that Support Green Practices & Fair Labor

The likes of top designers have found common ground in one thing within a world where meticulously thought out actions …

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hearts_purchase power

Purchase Power: Sustainable Materials vs. Synthetic

Sustainable vs. synthetic isn’t necessarily a topic on everyone’s mind when shopping, but it is however a highly …

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hearts_sea glass

Sneak Peek: Saint Christopher Medals & Sea Glass

For channeling a casual style, many of our upcoming collections incorporate upcycled materials such as Saint Christopher …

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Material Matters Deadstock

Material Matters: Deadstock Fabric

With the changing seasons come new runway fashions, and once the stilettos hit the catwalks its out with the old and in with …

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Hand and Foot woven

Sneak Peak: Custom Hand-Loomed Fabric

A sneak peak from our design team on our newly developed in house textile design inspired by our trip to Guatemala! Our hand …

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