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Save the Earth with Hearts & Eden Projects!

Hearts and Eden Projects need your help in our mission to spread the word about sustainable living! Take a few minutes to …

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Floral Crown Title Page

DIY: Floral Crown

Bring out your inner queen with this Floral Crown DIY! These are selling for hundreds of dollars, but you can make it a fun …

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world enviro day

Hearts Eco Chic Accessories

With World Environment Day just around the corner, Nike Air Max 2017 Heren nike air max 2017 pas cher nike air max Nike Free …

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Guest Post: The Eden Projects- A Convenient Answer

What if I told you that vacuuming your house could solve all of your family’s troubles? Would you believe me? If you …

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We Heart Human Rights HP

We Heart: Human Rights

As December 10th marks the annual Human Rights Day, we welcome you to honor this movement with the Hearts team. Proudly …

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Help Sandy Victims – Volunteer and Donate Smart

Hurricane Sandy – that record-breaking storm that has brought power outages and devastation to millions of Americans this …

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hearts_Upcycled Thank You

DIY:Thank You Card

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and may we all speak our thanks in a sustainable manner. With a touch of texture, pop of …

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hearts_material matters Seeds

Material Matters: Seeds Used in Fashion

Rooted with organic beginnings, Hearts fashion draws inspiration from the evolving blossoms of green products. Embracing the …

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Half of Americas Dust from Asia

Our world is a lot smaller than you might think. At this very moment, a huge majority of the particles in North American air …

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Sustainability is Always Moving Forward

Time lapse Amazon Deforestation: …

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