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Save the Earth with Hearts & Eden Projects!

Hearts and Eden Projects need your help in our mission to spread the word about sustainable living! Take a few minutes to …

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TerraCycle: Changing the Way the World Imagines Garbage- Canada

Part 2 in our series with Terracycle Canada! Have you noticed a change within your community, personally or other and if so, …

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We Heart San Francisco

Founded on June 29, 1776, San Francisco has become the leading financial and cultural center of Northern California. This …

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MotleyGreen - green social community

Gamifying Going Green? MotleyGreen.com Makes Sustainability Fun

Sure, there are plenty of websites out there that provide loads of great content about living green, healthy lives, but if …

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heart to heart

Heart to Heart: Episode 2- Generosity Water

Inspired by the quote; “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love, once you hear their story,” …

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hearts_bike video

Think Global, Act Local.

At Hearts, we have stressed the importance of understanding current world issues that urgently need to be addressed.  We …

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How Kids Make a Difference for the Planet

Just because you aren’t a politician, CEO, community organizer, or even an adult does not mean you can’t make a …

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Social Enterprise Adds Jobs Recycling Mattresses

What do you get when you combine a shelter for low-income families with a mattress recycling business? Opportunity House, …

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The Ripple Effect at Hearts

Here at Hearts, one of our key inspirations is focused on people and the Planet. This week we were touched by a Mayan …

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Roosevelt Growhouse 2

Memorial Day: Vacations & Community Volunteering

This week leads into Memorial Day. Observed on the last Monday of May, this day commemorates the men and women who have died …

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