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hearts_child labor

Don’t Support Processes that Rely on Child Labor

Our Hearts team believes that children should be coloring pictures and kicking around soccer balls, not working in dangerous …

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Toxic Textile Dyeing Can Be Prevented

Take a look at what you’re wearing. What colors are your clothes today? Have you ever thought about how the dyeing of your …

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jp sandy

Guest Post: Death Be Not Proud

The tragedies that visit so many countries suffering wars and violence often seem remote to us in North America.   But not …

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Solar Sewing Machine for Carbon Neutral Fashion

We can’t get enough of the idea of creating sun-powered fashion! Our worldwide artisans are always finding ways to create …

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Top 6 Best Ways to Reduce Outdoor Toxicity at Home

Americans use 50 million tons of fertilizers for their lawns and gardens(10 times more fertilizers and pesticides than is …

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Top 5 Guaranteed Methods for Reducing Household Toxicity

Modern homes may be better disinfected than ever, but that doesn’t mean they’re not toxic places to live. Every year, …

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Help Sandy Victims – Volunteer and Donate Smart

Hurricane Sandy – that record-breaking storm that has brought power outages and devastation to millions of Americans this …

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Ethical Consumers Like You Must Vote!

If you think your individual vote doesn’t make a difference, think again. What is our country if not a collection of …

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Cardboard Bike

Cardboard Bike Spells $20 Transportation for the World’s Poor

For those living in poverty, whether or not you have a bike may determine whether you can get the clean water you need, have …

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Cleaner Drinking Water with UV Water Filtration

With new development around the Delaware-Catskill watersheds (New York City’s main water supply) creating potentially …

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