Freedom and Fashion – Style without Exploitation



Diving deep into issues of human exploitation, Freedom and Fashion (FnF) is one of our new favorite organizations at Hearts. And they’re about to host a fantastic Collective Conference in Los Angeles to educate and equip people in the movement for social change.

FnF is a leading voice in the fight against human trafficking, child labor, human rights violations, and slavery, and is using the power of consumer demand to help shift the balance in the direction of safety and liberty. Focusing on cause-centric events and creative arts, FnF connects non-profits working to free humans from slavery with a global support system of media, volunteers, teachers, and product producers. As you can imagine, Hearts and FnF are truly kindred spirits!

So if you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area March 23, 2013, you should definitely attend their Freedom and Fashion Collective Event, which will feature leaders in the field of social justice and ethical product development. The aim of the conference is to unite everyone from fashion designers to media experts to nonprofits and of course people like you in an effort to devise creative economic solutions for fighting human exploitation.

There will be plenty of opportunity to learn from activists and industry professionals on a variety of useful topics:

  • Creative branding
  • Partnership strategies
  • Fundraising
  • Technology
  • Government engagement
  • Media and advertising
  • Creative arts

And there’s ample potential to network with some of the most interesting and cutting edge ethical thought-leaders in the social justice space. Attendees will also enjoy pop-up shops, food trucks, a full trade show, and documentary screenings, all with an ethical flair. You’ll leave transformed with inspiration for re-defining your lifestyle and/or your business in order to heal, inspire, and liberate.

Get a clearer picture of the amazing impact FnF has in individual lives by hearing Flor’s story. She’s a former Los Angeles garment industry worker and mother of three who was tricked into being trafficked into the US from Mexico to work as a slave. In exchange for transport into America, she was required to labor 17-18 hours daily, seven days every week with one 10 minute break. Find out more about how FnF transformed Flor’s life via this video – or attend the conference to hear her speak in person!

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