The Hearts Community Rewrites History

In 1973 the state of Laos was is disrepair, and a 9 year long aerial bombardment known as the Secret War was going on. 250-260 million bombs were dropped during this time, evoking fear and littering the land with exploding and also un-detonated bombs. When the only thing left to do is defend your life, there is no time to develop skills for growth, nor have dignity to fight for personal freedoms that bring happiness.

However, times have changed and now there are hundreds like you who have taken the call to action to help the Laotians.

To date you have helped clear 975 meters of bomb littered land in Laos, the equivalent of a 57 story building rising above  a downtown skyline.

You bring support to the Laotians by elevating their livelihood and bringing community development into the region.

2012 has brought such an incredible accomplishment that we need to take on into the new year.

Let’s rewrite history in 2013 and impact the world that we want to live in.

Yours truly,

Keith Mulvin
Global Responsibility
and Partnership Programs

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