4th of July DIY: Salute to Stars & Stripes Denim

With denim a hot trend in summer fashion, make it stars and stripes appropriate for this Fourth of July celebration. Simple steps, easy materials and a pair of fabulous thrifted cut-offs help make the style fireworks boom for a funky yet functional themed wardrobe.


  • White and red acrylic paint
  • Star Stencil
  • Foam brush
  • Masking tape
  • Thrifted shorts 

How To Make Them:

Step 1: Place star stencil on left side of denim. Using the foam brush and white acrylic paint, paint shapes. Feel free to make them the same size, different sizes, in a straight line or in a random pattern, get creative with it.

Step 2: Tear off four to five strips of masking tape, the length of your denim shorts.

Step 3: Apply strips of masking take about 1” apart and paint over with red acrylic paint. Depending on preference, you can paint the stripes horizontally or vertically.

Step 4: When dry, carefully peel the masking tape, revealing the red stripes.

Step 5: Be sure to let paint fully dry before wearing.

Simple, stylish and the perfect amount of patriotic flair for any festivity, these shorts of the perfect Fourth of July DIY.


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