About Hearts FAQ's
What exactly is iHeart Change?

iHeart Change is our way of creating awareness and supporting the 7 causes that drive the heart of Hearts. The 7 world causes we support are: Environmental Sustainability, Quality of Life in a Community, Freedom and Social Justice, Human Rights, Education, and Cultural Awareness. This campaign is a way for you to help support organizations that are proactively working toward solutions. Through our bracelets, you are able to wear your support and spread awareness for the causes closest to your heart. In addition to your selected cause we have also partnered with the SHINE Project in the production of these pieces, which employs at risk youth so they can pay their way through college. Its good karma points for everyone! Stack your bracelets, mix them up, or give one away as a gift. Whatever you choose to do with your bracelet, you have already chosen to do good, and in our opinion what else matters!
Learn more about how you can get involved and Support our Partners

Learn more about the SHINE project.

Who are your iHeart Change partners and which world cause do they support?
How do consumers get involved with supporting world causes?

Hearts believes we must be the change we wish to see in the world! So, our first answer would be to get involved in something, anything, as long as it speaks to your heart. You can also get involved in our iHeart change campaign. We formed this program so people would be able to provide direct support and see direct results. iHeart change is about giving visibility and support to organizations that are doing amazing things! Want to get involved? We love it! See how you can Support our Partners

What does Fair Trade mean and why is this important?

Fair Trade began modestly in the 1940s when a few small North American and European organizations reached out to poverty stricken communities to help them sell their handicrafts to well-off markets. Today, Fair Trade is a global effort. Consumers can enliven developing countries, relieve exploitation and promote environmental sustainability. With Fair Trade USA, the money you spend on day-to-day goods can improve an entire community’s day-to-day livesstyle.
Learn more about Fair Trade Certified.

For more insight about Fair Trade USA, go to http://fairtradeusa.org/what-is-fair-trade.

What key factor is at the 'heart' of Hearts?

We have chosen to use fashion as our voice to create awareness, progress, and world change. The heart of Hearts is about a conscious decision to support good, while looking good. We want consumers to realize their purchasing power and be part of creating world change. We are passionate about providing education and awareness so consumers have the knowledge to create change and be part of a community that supports it.

What is Hearts' Design Philosophy and why is this so important?

Hearts designs for beauty and world change. Our goal is to change the typical distribution channels with intent to positively impact the lives of people and take less from the planet. We are able to do this by providing awareness and aligning our products with our world causes, materials, and processes. When we first begin working with an artisan or artisan community, we ask several questions so we can utilize their strengths, talents, and skills. We aim to empower our artisans by designing with purpose, always keeping them and their communities at the forefront of our attention. The products we create are a synergy of the efforts and skill of our artisans and the natural gifts their surroundings offer. When you purchase a Hearts product you are not only fashionably accessorizing yourself for the day, you are feeding a family, supporting education, creating justice and equality, preserving cultural traditions and acknowledging the people who make your fashion. Learn more about Our Design Philosophy and Our Product Values.

How many total artisans and communities are currently being positively impacted through Hearts' production collaboration?

So glad you asked! Learn more about Global Family.

What has been the biggest challenge Hearts has had to overcome while developing Hearts' pieces?

The biggest challenge Hearts and our international artisans face is overcoming the limitations set by the standards in today’s current fashion practices. While Hearts is firmly grounded in our slow fashion movement, there is still a very big demand for fast fashion. We believe this is simply because there is not enough information for consumers. As a result, there is a fear that by buying ethical fashion, you remove the wow factor we all want to feel with a new purchase. The Hearts design team truly takes time to work with our artisans and cultivate their talents to be at the forefront of current fashion trends. There will always be another hurdle and a way to make improvements. The Hearts team gladly accepts this challenge, but we cannot do it alone. Each conscious purchase you make is a vote to show fast fashion that good things are worth waiting for. Learn more about Traditional & Cultural Art.

Why are Hearts handbags and accessories unique?

We take pride in working with artisans who use their hands, hearts, traditions, and creativity. Every piece has its own personal touch. We value the beauty that lies in the intentions and imperfections of the handmade nature of our products. The organic nature in our materials and the artistry in our processes mean that nature and artisan alike will leave a bit of themselves in every product you purchase. In the form of traditional knowledge, finely crafted skill, ingenious creation, or yes even in the small moments when the nature of humanity crept into a Hearts design, you are getting a product uniquely all your own. How divinely amazing to have an item that has a touch of both the human spirit and nature’s free will! Learn more about Handmade.

What “process” has the greatest benefit and why?

This world we live in is an ecosystem where we are all dependent on something else to survive. Hearts knows you didn’t need us to tell you that, however we view our processes in the very same light. The processes we have chosen to use respect our planet from whom we borrow, and the people with whom we share it. All are so equally important we simply cannot give hierarchy to just one. Learn more about our Our Product Values.

How did Hearts determine their “world causes”?

From the very start the Hearts designers have worked closely with our artisans to develop a plan of action on how to best contribute to our mission of change. While researching each community, their resources, and the issues that plagued them the team found that around the world we are all suffering in essence from the same crimes, destructions, and injustices. While these concerns come in many different forms, some are in more drastic need of help than others; we are all humans sharing this experience together. We decided we needed to set standards and criteria for how to best determine what our products would represent. After several interviews with our artisans, and digging deeper into these problems, we were able to identify the seven world causes that urgently need solving. Learn more about Our Product Values.

How does Hearts select artisans, and what criteria must artisans meet?

We love creativity, ingenuity and people who dare to think outside the box. The artisans Hearts design team works with are people who also have the spirit of change and the passion of design. As an ethical brand, Hearts will only be able to work with artisans who comply with our high standards in ethical sourcing and production. Artisans who design for Hearts must practice due diligence in sourcing their materials, the processes involved and the people involved. We will only work with artisans, groups and manufactures that follow the principals set by The World Fair Trade Organization. One of our many goals is to be able to support and help grow artisans and their communities through ethical practices and artistic expression. Keeping art as close to the hands of the artisans as possible is something the design team is persistent in doing. Through Hearts.com, artisans have access to a larger audience base to ensure future successes in making beautiful and ethical designs. Hearts is always actively seeking artisans. If you are an artisan and would like to get involved, Contact Us.

For more information about the 10 principles of Fair Trade, please visit their website at:

How else is Hearts specifically helping the artisans with whom they collaborate? Do the artisans receive direct monetary funds from Hearts.com?

As an ethical brand, Hearts ensures all our artisans receive monetary compensation for their skills and labor. We practice all principals set by the World Fair Trade Organization. A huge part of the design process is education; this education happens between both parties and is an all-around exchange in knowledge. For a lot of our international artisan groups western fashion is a mystery. Part of the Hearts design process is to educate them on what is currently trending here, we call this our design development phase. This allows artisans the ability to create products that reach a wider market of consumers. It is both a pleasure and a privilege for the Hearts team to build these lasting relationships where we are sure we learn much more than we could ever teach. Learn more about Our Design Philosophy.

For more information about the 10 principles of Fair Trade, please visit their website at:

Is Hearts a non-profit organization?

All of us here at Hearts are strong believers in capitalism and that we can create change through supply and demand. Hearts.com is a privately funded, for profit brand that strives to lead by example. Consumers have the purchasing power to choose what we demand and change how businesses supply. Our goal is to change the typical distribution channels with intent to positively impact the lives of people and take less from the planet. We want consumers to realize their purchasing power and be a part of creating world change. We are passionate about providing education and awareness so consumers have the knowledge to create change and be part of a community that supports it.

How is Hearts addressing their carbon footprint in shipping?

Without the pony express, carrier pigeons, and package runners, Hearts is bound to the practices of our current society. Besides, we want your package to arrive to you when you need it, safe and sound. While we can find no way around the carbon foot print of shipping we have found a way we feel is best to offset our mark. Hearts is offsetting its carbon emissions with Carbonfund.org, one of the country’s leading carbon-offset organizations through the Carbon-Free® Shipping Program. It’s no horse, pigeon, or runner, but it is a start.

How does Hearts and Wildlife Friendly Enterprise work together to conserve animal wildlife?

We recognize that wildlife and wild places are essential for a healthy planet. Hearts puts especially high importance on the preservation of wild animals, their habitat, and the communities that live near them.

Hearts has sought input from expert organizations like the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network in order to learn about best practices and how to source our materials in a sustainable way. By incorporating the advice of conservation biologists, green business leaders and development experts, Hearts promotes ecological stewardship, responsible and ethical materials sourcing, and sustainable supply and demand where people and nature coexist.

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) is a global community dedicated to the development and marketing of products that conserve threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities. WFEN works with its members to promote wildlife conservation through facilitation of responsible production practices, enterprise development, community engagement and cultural celebration. The organization:

  • Sets the standard for wildlife friendly enterprise around the world. Certified Wildlife Friendly™ goods and services are subject to stringent review that requires producers to adopt best practices.
  • Assists artisans to reach new and dynamic markets and to achieve a fair price for Certified Wildlife Friendly™ products.
  • Promotes economic development by linking incentives and income opportunities to conservation.
  • Encourages local expertise in devising solutions and strategies and recognizes that local investment is essential to the success of Wildlife Friendly enterprise.

With organizations like the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network to assist us in sourcing Certified Wildlife Friendly™ materials whenever possible, we can be confident that our products aid wildlife and local communities. In this manner, Hearts truly embodies the best of sustainable fashion. We offer Certified Wildlife Friendly™ goods with great pride. Because Certified Wildlife Friendly™ puts Nature at the heart of our economy.

Certified Wildlife Friendly™ ensures that you are supporting the conservation of threatened and endangered wildlife and benefiting communities around the world. What could be more important than that? Hearts and the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network know that educated and empowered consumers change the world one purchase at a time.

How does Hearts and Canopy work together to protect our forests?

Hearts has taken extra measures to insure that we are doing all we can to protect our endangered forests and the lands we share with animals, plants and each other. Hearts is aware that the newest threat to our forests is happening in the most unlikely candidate … the textile industry. The pulp from trees, many of which are trees from an endangered or ancient forest, are made into pulp and used as a cellulose staple in fibers like rayon, Viscose, modal and lyocell. Hearts takes the sourcing of our materials for our fashion designs seriously and has collaborated with Canopy to ensure we are always making choices that keep our natural world safe.

Canopy works to protect the world's forests, species and climate by collaborating with business and the public to create sustainable supply chains and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Canopy is an award winning environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s forests, species and climate. As part of our commitment to keeping our forests alive the Hearts team has taken the canopy pledge to support the development and adoption of fiber sources that reduce environmental and social impacts. Hearts promotes the use of recycled textiles, as well as upcycled or dead stock fabrics as an alternative to creating more demands for fibers or products that contribute to the destruction of our beloved forests.

How is Hearts packaging aligned with the product values set in place?

When we designed and developed our packaging we knew we needed to protect our product but also be conscious of the people making our packaging as well as the environmental costs associated with it. We partnered with a Fair Trade registered factory based in Kolkata, India in the production of our pouches. The factory is also a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). As a result of our partnership we created a cotton cloth re-usable bag. Our shipper boxes are produced locally in Arizona and are made from 100% post-consumer reclaimed linerboard and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Where do you hope to make the biggest impact through Hearts?

If Hearts is able to reach just one person through our movement we have already done our job. Of course we dream big so we will not stop at just one awakened consumer. Hearts hopes to inspire people to think differently about their purchases, not just in the fashion industry but in every aspect of consumerism. The value a monetary purchase has is very powerful and can impact change on a global scale. We hope to show through transparency that while all is not perfect, the smallest things do indeed add up. When we share the knowledge of the artisans behind our fashion, our manufacturing processes, the materials we favor and our practices, we hope that people will listen and become inspired. We believe with all our hearts that when everyone is provided the facts, they will work towards conscious consumerism and make demands for other companies to do the same. Read our blogs, watch our videos, wear our fashion and become an educated voice to speak on the reality of our current situation. We also ask that you share with us! Send us your thoughts. When we know better we do better! Together we will create world change - if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.